Final Touches

Final Touches The art of care at the end of life.

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One of the great gifts given to us as family doctors is the opportunity to learn: about the lives of our patients, about the nature of health and illness, and—one can hope—about ourselves.

We learn our most valuable lessons from our patients and their families, particularly in working with them over time and through the transitions in their lives.

We had touched each other’s lives in an eternal way …
It helped me learn again the importance of time, the art of the question and the power of details.

As family doctors, we cannot overestimate the impact our patients have on our learning and our lives. We should not underestimate impact we can have on theirs.

Copyright ©2014 W.R. Phillips.
Used with permission. Originally published in:
Phillips WR. The Heart of the Matter. Washington Family Physician. 41(3):10-11, July 2014.

Read the essay – Final Touches

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