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Writer’s block is not the only barrier to getting your academic writing into print.

Phillips WR. Publicatus Interruptus: An Endemic Syndrome Disabling Research and Researchers. J GEN INTERN MED. 03 January 2022 Published with @SpringerNature in @JournalGIM. Read at

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New report from CRISP

Consensus Reporting Items for Studies in Primary Care – our international team developing new guidance to help improve the reporting of PC research. Phillips WR, Louden DN, Sturgiss E. Mapping the literature on primary care research reporting: a scoping review. Family … Continue reading

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GPs are not FPs in the US

General practitioners are not family physicians in the US.  The distinction is important for patient care, research, reporting and health policy. Read the new research that documents the important differences.

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Pursuing personal passion: Learner-centered research mentoring

A fresh approach to mentoring can empower new researchers to focus research questions with personal passion to create successful studies and sustainable careers. Just published, this Special Article outlines how mentors can use the Pursuing Personal Passion P3 Learner-Centered … Continue reading

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Final Touches

Final Touches – The art of care at the end of life.
We had touched each other’s lives in an eternal way …
It helped me learn again the importance of time, the art of the question and the power of details.
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Working at the Wheel

The family physician takes many turns though a life in practice. Cycles through our patients’ lives and our careers. ….  Read more – Working at the Wheel  Excerpts As the wheels of progress spin faster, steered by managers and lubricated … Continue reading

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Family Stories

Continuity is a cornerstone of primary care and the essence of family medicine. It is comprehensive care over time and across problems that forms the fabric of our relationships with patients, families and communities. Julia was one of my first … Continue reading

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55-Word Stories

Experience Two high-risk children. The mom, just 13, working the streets, living chaos complicated by heroin and spirochetes. Yet, she cared for her new baby with confidence. She met my doubts with folded arms: “Who do you think took care … Continue reading

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The Heart of the Matter

A family physician reflects on his own experience with open-heart surgery and the process of care in a top-flight academic medical center. I am running on a treadmill. Perhaps you are, too. Your treadmill may be meeting productivity goals for … Continue reading

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William R. Phillips Some days I want to curse infernal Invention of the learned journal. Filling miles of lonely shelves To busy wee indexing elves; Inform, inspire, but oft instead Stay still in stacks; lie long unread; Consuming forests full … Continue reading

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