Pursuing personal passion: Learner-centered research mentoring

A fresh approach to mentoring can empower new researchers to focus research questions with personal passion to create successful studies and sustainable careers. https://doi.org/10.22454/FamMed.2018.952474

Just published, this Special Article outlines how mentors can use the Pursuing Personal Passion P3 Learner-Centered Mentoring Model to help new researchers overcome the common challenges of finding and focusing research questions.

Phillips WR. Pursuing personal passion: Learner-centered research mentoring. Family Medicine. 2018; 50:7. https://doi.org/10.22454/FamMed.2018.952474

Mentors can use the P3 Interview tool to help researchers identify their key concerns and focus their interests into researchable questions that are aligned with their personal and professional priorities.

Built on the foundations of learner-centered teaching and patient-centered care, the P3 Mentoring Model can help researchers organize their curiosity into researchable ques­tions, successful studies and organized programs of scholarship.

The P3 Mentoring Model is particularly helpful for:

  • new researchers
  • early career academics
  • students and trainees
  • clinician-educators
  • community based researchers
  • generalist scholars

Download the complete article for free. Share with mentors and mentees. Post your comment.

William R. Phillips, MD, MPH, is Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine, University of Washington, and was recognized by the North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) with its 2018 Distinguished Research Mentor Award.


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