Working at the Wheel

The family physician takes many turns though a life in practice.
Cycles through our patients’ lives and our careers.

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As the wheels of progress spin faster, steered by managers and lubricated by information technology, we must work to keep the patient always at the center. They deserve care that is better, not just cheaper.
. . .
What sustains us over the long run is the excitement of variety and the rewards of continuity. It is knowing and growing with our patients and their families around the cycles, across the transitions and over challenges of their lives. We have the great privilege to share their joys and sorrows as we together turn, turn, turn through every season of life.
. . .
Vital parts of medicine’s future will come around from family medicine’s past. As the wheels of progress turn toward organized systems of better patient care, we must be at the center, surrounding the patient with care and radiating the power of the personal doctor.

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Copyright © 2014 W.R. Phillips. Originally published in:
 Phillips WR. Working at the Wheel. Washington Family Physician. 2014; 41(2):9-10. Used with permission.

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