The Wonder and the Mystery

Wonder  & Mystery book coverThe Wonder and the Mystery:  10 Years of Reflections from the Annals of Family Medicine

Edited by Robin S. Gotler. London, UK: Radcliffe Publishing; 2013. ISBN 9781846199820

The Wonder and the Mystery is an anthology of intimate personal stories and innovative ideas from the Annals’ Reflections section. It includes a wide range of articles, from influential pieces on urgent topical issues to exceptional stories of unique individuals. These articles shed light on small moments and major life transitions. In the process, they help us find meaning in our own physical, emotional, and spiritual journeys.

The one-of-a-kind stories and ideas in The Wonder and the Mystery speak to all of us who are interested in health care and health, caring and connection: clinicians, patients, family members, researchers, policy makers, and more. Framed by the remarkable wisdom of Rachel Naomi Remen, the book reminds us that, “The things we cannot measure may be the very things that will sustain us.”

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, in the foreword

The Wonder and the Mystery is a remarkable gathering of voices from the front lines of primary care. The authors reflect on the power of healing, the many meanings of patient care, and the search for wholeness in health, health care, and life. The book is a unique collection of articles from the Annals of Family Medicine, including innovative ideas and meaningful personal stories, all carefully chosen to create a cohesive whole. Together, these articles shed light on our own lives and deepen our understanding of the vibrant, unpredictable place where primary care and life intersect. Clear, powerful, and honest writing, on topics from the professional and policy-related to the deeply personal, captures the complexity, richness, and humanity of the front lines of primary care.

For more information, see:

Gotler RS. The Wonder and the Mystery: Your Voices, Your Stories. Annals of Family Medicine. 2013;11(3):205-206.

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In the US and Canada, visit:  Enter discount code: GWMAP1212

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